Mission Statement

Our mission is a simple one: To be the place where your pet wants to be! Paws-a-Palooza is set to be a first-class pet boarding and daycare facility serving North Platte and the surrounding areas. We value the importance of building honest and personal relationships with all of our clients. Our staff is courteous and knowledgeable and promises to provide reliable service with a commitment to care and cleanliness.


Animals are and always have been my passion. I have a soft spot in my heart for all of our furry, four legged friends…perhaps a slightly larger spot for our canine companions. At Paws-a-Palooza we are committed to maintaining a safe, stimulating, and fun active environment for your pets to enjoy. We provide personal, hands on attention during play time and offer loving, nurturing care when it’s down time. Our staff is dedicated to treating every pet that stays here with the same compassion and kindness that they would if it were their own. We believe in trying to give a little something back to these selfless creatures that give us so much and expect so little in return. Pets inspire us and help make our lives whole, which is why all of us here at Paws-a-Palooza are continually striving to make it “Your Pet’s Happy Place”!