Our pricing is simple and straightforward - however, if you have questions feel free to reach out.

Day Camp

Full Day (5+ Hours)

$25.00 – 1st Dog*

Half Day (<5 Hours)

*Each additional dog from same family $15.00 per day (Full or Half Day)

$18.00 – 1st Dog*

Temperament Testing

Testing is required before allowed into Day Camp or Boarding. A $20 fee is required. 

We only have a select number of spots available during the month. Please be sure to call ahead and ensure a test is scheduled ahead of time. We reserve the right to reassess any dog down the road if behavior becomes too assertive.

Overnight Boarding

Updated Pricing – January 1, 2021
All prices now include all day camp.

Super Suites

(Capacity: 2-3 small dogs or 1-2 larger dogs)

$30.00 – 1st Dog*

Canine Condos

$55.00 – 1st Dog*

(Capacity: 3-5 large dogs w/furniture, tv, radio)

*Each additional dog in overnight boarding rooms are $20 each.

Departure Day Charge


If dogs are picked up by 9:00a Monday through Saturday. No early pickups are allowed on Sundays so departure day always applies to Sunday pickup. 

Things to keep in mind:

ONLY ONE dog that has FAILED temp test ALLOWED to board at a time! (First come, first serve, no group play, and boarding charges remain the same.

Pickup/Drop Off Information

Weekend Drop Off/Pickup

(Unless prior arrangements have been made with front office)

Saturday: 8:00a – 9:00a
Sunday: 5:00a – 6:00p

Early Drop-off Fee

(Early pickup needs to be pre-arranged with the front office)
6:30a – 6:45a (M-F): $10.00 each occurrence

Late Pickup Fee

Up to 30 minutes after closing: $10.00 extra charge
30+ minutes after closing: $20.00 extra charge

Want to Take a Tour?

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